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We make doing your laundry simple. We can save your time, so you can enjoy doing the things you love. We can save you money on soap, water, heating and electricity. So you can enjoy even more of the things you love. Our prices are mostly affordable.

Your First Order!

Sort your dirty laundry, pack them with Washerman laundry bag or any other laundry and wait for our pickup guys to buzz you and pick them up.
Our turnaround time for processing all items is 48 hours for regular orders and within 24 hours for express orders.
We are always ready to receive more orders
Most items come with care label. You should be able to identify items that are to be dry cleaned and laundered through the care label. Otherwise, we can also offer professional advice.
Our online order service is very straight forward and easy to use. However, we can also assist in taking orders via phone and email.
We clean every item displayed on our order page and as advertised on our website. If you can't see a particular item on our order page, kindly reach us for clarification.
All items are processed at our highly mechanized factory.
We clean every fabric made by man or machine.
We do our best to handle every item with highest level of professionalism and care but most items are processed via machines and machines are man made. We are not responsible for shrinkage, damage to buttons, tear & colour fading. The company's liability with respect to any lost of item is 5 times our charge for processing it. Please make all complaints within 24 hours of collection stating invoice number, tag number and colour. We cannot accept returns after 48 hours.
It is our protocol in identifying individual items to avoid mix up.
We intend to take off every stain except for those stubborn once which may damage the item in the process of trying to take them off. However, with the owners consent and permission, we will try to take them off too.
It is our job to sort your clothes following established standard for laundry and dry cleaning. Your job stops at handing over your items to us. Leave the rest for us.
We employ appropriate mechanism in drying items using their care label or using our smart dryers.
Yes, both our laundry bags and carrier bags are for customers to keep and reuse as they wish.


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